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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Mastering? 
    In short, mastering is sonic maximization. It is the process of taking recorded and mixed material and bringing out the best in it. Mastering takes the final mix and tweaks, processes and polishes it. Mastering is the final step before a track is released via CD, iTunes, etc.
  2. When should I send you my music for Mastering?
    You should send me your tracks before you send them out as demos, release them on the Internet or CD, or embed them in video. I can also master your DJ mixes and make them ready to be played in clubs.
  3. What audio formats do you accept?
    I accept music in WAV and AIFF formats. I prefer 24-bit, 48k files to work with, but I can also accept 16-bit 44.1k. Please be sure to turn off any limiters and bus compressors before sending me your audio.
  4. Should I process my tracks before uploading?
    No! The tracks you upload should be UNMASTERED. DO NOT upload a track that has already been mastered. Ideally, the file you upload should have peak levels between -6 and -10 dBFS.
    Important Note On Limiters
    Please do not upload a song that has already been limited in the mix. The process of Mastering requires adjusting the dynamic range of the song for the best sound, and mix limiters destroy this dynamic range. Please remove any Mix Limiters or Ultramaximizers from your track before uploading.
  5. Do you master songs? Albums? DJ mixes?
    Yes, yes, and yes. Also remixes, mash-ups, covers, compilations, podcasts, voiceovers, TV shows, movies, commercials, music videos, and more!
  6. How are the masters delivered?
    Unless requested otherwise, I will send you your mastered music in the same digital resolution you originally sent me. If you send me 24-bit, 48k, I’ll send you 24-bit, 48k back. If you send me 16-bit, 44.1k, I’ll send you 16-bit, 44.1k back. If you prefer a physical compact disc (CD), order the REDBOOK option and I will mail you one.
  7. What’s the typical turnaround time?
    Typically within 24 hours. Obviously it will take longer for me to master a whole album than one song!
  8. Is this safe? Is your website secure?
    Yes, payment processing is securely handled via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay; you can use a credit card directly via the PayPal system.
  9. What is your engineering background? Why should I choose you to master my music?
    I could tell you that I’m a classically trained musician, that I’m a Certified Pro Tools Expert, or that I just have “an ear for good sound”. In any case, I think the best way for you to decide is to hear some of my work.
  10. Do you really offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?
    You better believe it! Although so far, no one has asked for their money back 🙂
  11. What about ownership, copyright, royalties, contracts, usage, production credits, etc?
    It’s pretty simple. Unless you state otherwise, my mastering services are a work-for-hire and I claim no credit, ownership, or copyright over your material. I will keep a copy of your music (mastered and unmastered) for my records, and I might use it for promotional purposes – unless you explicitly tell me not to.
  12. Do you master for vinyl records?
    Yes! Please click here for more information about vinyl mastering.
  13. Do you offer any other services, like mixing or arrangement?
    You bet. Head on over to my other website for more information:

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

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