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Expert mastering engineer Paul Loeb will make your music STAND OUT with clean, crisp, and clear definition.

Step 1: Upload

Send your song(s) to my email address:

I prefer if you use a free file transfer service like WeTransfer or YouSendIt:

Send me your songs via WeTransfer

Send me your songs via YouSendIt

Step 2: Purchase

Select Your Mastering Package:
How many songs?

Your payment is SECURE via PayPal (but you don't need an account).

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I will refund your payment if you're not completely satisfied with the result.

Step 3: Dominate!

24-Hour Turnaround

Turnaround time is usually within one day. No bullshit!

I will deliver your master(s) digitally unless you specify the REDBOOK option; in which case I will mail you a compact disc (CD).

If you have any special requirements or questions, please email me at